Your WordPress site is down, now what?

My WordPress site is down! Now what?

Your WordPress site is down, now what?

I often get requests just like this. Clients would call me and their sky is falling. Businesses can not afford for their main marketing hub to be down. There may be e-mail newsletters, scheduled tweets, facebook posts, pinterest pins, and more already set to go out using content and linking back to their website.

I won’t get too specific in this post (mainly because it’s on a site by site basis) but here are some reasons why your WordPress powered website may be down (AKA offline):

Your webhost upgraded PHP

  1. Your WordPress theme is not compatible
  2. One or more of your plugins are not compatible

Fix your WordPress site that is offline

  1. To fix this you can call me (859-795-4566)
  2. Using FTP:
    1. Rename the plugins folder
    2. Go into your themes directory and rename your theme.

If you do not have the resources or know how to get your WordPress site back online call me at 859-795-4566 or use the online contact form. I have been working in WordPress for some time (7+ years) and have several Plugins available in the WordPress repository. The next time your WordPress powered site is not responding give me a call, Justin Rains at 859-795-4566.