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Why Your Local Retail Store has to Have Google My Business To Survive

Open small businessesDo you own a local store in the Cincinnati area and you wish to scale it up? You can do that by using Google’s help for free. Google My Business is a godsend that will help you reach your target audience with only a few clicks. In this article, let’s understand how Google My Business works and why your local store needs Google My Business.

What can you do with Google My Business?

Google My Business allows you to list information about your business on Google Maps that will appear in local search results. You must have seen the Google My Business pages of some other businesses because every business has understood its importance. In the case of a local store, you can add the images of products that you wish to sell, the location of your local store, contact information, and other things. More about this later.

Reasons your local store needs Google My Business to survive

After understanding what you can do with Google My Business, it’s time to understand why having a Google My Business is a smart choice. Below we have discussed some reasons for how your local store can benefit from Google My Business.

Google My Business improves local search visibility

Google is smarter than it ever was, it knows what a user wants. Searches are getting geographically specific and Google is efficient in delivering the answers to those searches.

Let’s understand the concept of local search with an example. The last time you wanted to eat good Chinese food. You must have done a Google search like ‘best Chinese food places near me.’ Google must have answered with a list of good Chinese food places near you, and then you must have ordered from those Chinese restaurants. Why did you order from these Chinese restaurants and not others? The reason is simple: these places had a Google My Business page that was reachable to you. Other restaurants that weren’t smart enough to take advantage of Google My Business weren’t reachable to you.

Similarly, If someone searches for a store near them, then Google will advertise your business page to them. This will boost your customer reach and will eventually lead to an increase in sales.

Google My Business allows you to add products

After creating your Google My Business page, it will allow you to add products in your listing with Product Editor. This technique works like a charm for local stores, and we advise you to use it as well. You can add products to your Google My Business page and showcase them in the best possible way. Potential customers will spot your products on the Business Profile Products tab on mobile or the Product Overview module on the computer.

You can update your products if you want to and the updated products will be visible at the top of the Product catalog. This approach will induce customer interaction, and if your customers want to ask anything about your products, then they can comment in the comment section.

However, before posting any pictures thoroughly read the guidelines that Google mentioned in their Posts content policy.

Google My Business will give you credibility

Google doesn’t allow every business to make a Google My Business page. They will ask for certain proofs to make sure that you have a legit business. So, having a Google My Business page gives you a certain amount of credibility and your local store will appear more credible online.

An incomplete listing can leave the customer in doubt, they want the store to be reliable, real, and active. An ideal listing should have the following things.

  • Your business’ logo
  • A clear and crisp description of your business
  • Your contact information such as Email ID and phone number
  • Opening and closing hours of your store
  • A link to your store’s website
  • A clear cover photo
  • Photos of your store and products

Complete this information with some reviews from your previous customers and this will help in building trust with your prospecting customers.

Google My Business lets you engage by uploading posts

With Google My Business, you can upload new posts to your listing. You can notify your customers about upcoming events, sales, product updates, and other important announcements. Again, this feature will increase customer interaction, which is always a plus point. Make sure the posts are short and worth reading.

Some other important items regarding posting are mentioned below,

Make sure you post regularly because the lifespan of a post is 7 days.
Make sure the images you upload do not get cropped off.
Animated GIFs and videos are not supported by Google posts.

In Closing

This is just some benefits of having a Google My Business page, but these are not all. You must try Google My Business to experience other benefits.

Or let’s talk! I’ve seen huge benefits for my clients!