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Why Geotagging Your Images Is Important For Google My Business

No matter where you are standing on the earth at a particular point in time, your position can be identified by a specific coordinate of geo-location. Though it’s been many years since geotagging was first introduced to the world, it has now become a crucial component in local SEO.

Geotagging is dependent on the computerized representation of the street network, address points, administrative/state boundaries, etc. For location-based businesses and websites, geotagging can prove to be quite helpful in boosting ranking in the search engine. It helps search engines in determining the exact geographical location of your business, thus helping in local SEO.

Now the question is what geotagging actually is, right? It is actually the process of embedding the location-identifying or geographical metadata into the media files such as video. Images, etc. Here in this article, we are going to mainly discuss why geotagging your pictures is important on Google My Business (GMB).

Why Geotagging Pictures is so important?
It’s known to everyone that Google is the most used and most popular search engine on the web. For your local business to attract more customers from Google, it is necessary for it to be well optimized. The free service from Google, Google My Business (GMB) is making it easy for businesses to make and maintain their online visibility across Google maps and Google search as well.

When it comes to the “pack of 3” results that come up for a query in local search on Google, they are the most clicked results. And, those results are based on the location from where the user makes the search. The companies or businesses that are found most relevant by Google for that particular local search query get spots in those 3 results and their name, address, phone number, and location are displayed. Here geotagging plays a critical role in helping businesses to be listed in those results. Continue reading to understand in detail how it helps…

Google deeply inspects the consistency of the name, phone number, and address of your business across the web listings. Such consistency obviously gives more relevance to your business. Hence geotagging pictures is necessary on Google My Business too. Each and every listing is there on the basis of the Google Map and exact location.

With the help of geotagging, you can easily let Google know where exactly on the earth your business serves customers. Thus it helps a business to show itself relevant to a specific town or city or location. Thus geotagging has become a critical part/component of local SEO for service businesses such as plumbing contractors, home improvement contractors, etc.

When it comes to adding the location or geo metadata to the pictures or images, there are 2 possible ways of doing it. GPS firmware can help the camera automatically add location metadata to the photos. Another way is to upload those photos to software that will add such data to them.

What’s Next?
Now that you are aware of why geotagging the pictures is so important on Google My Business, you should immediately take an action to improve the local SEO of your business. It will not consume a lot of time but will make a difference in terms of results in long run. If the pictures of your GMB (Google My Business) listing are not currently optimized, you should optimize them. To make it happen, just download all the images and rename them as “location+keyword” and don’t forget to geotag those pictures before you re-upload them to the listing.

Or, you can Contact Me and I will work with you to geotag your images.