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[EP 33] What is Email Marketing

Although marketers use various social media platforms to highlight the products and services on behalf of their clients with hyperlinks to the targeted website, email marketing remains a vital sales promotion tool. It is used to promote the sales of any product or service and promote many social causes and bring awareness on various subjects with a personal touch. Therefore, we can say that email marketing remains the foundatEmail marketing explainedion column of any digital marketing strategy. In other words, we can say that if we ignore email marketing, we are ignoring the vast potential to reach millions and increase the audience of any advertisement personally.

More so, remarketing or retargeting is another part of email marketing that hits the minds of the audience who had already visited a particular targeted website and hitting their minds to see the same website again. It is not rocket science to understand email marketing, remarketing, and their benefits, but almost all, including a beginner, can do it.
Remarketing or retargeting is another part of email marketing that hits the minds of the audience who had already visited a particular targeted website. Click To Tweet

The definition

If we go by definition, email marketing is sending commercial emails to the subscribers who have opted to receive newsletters from you at regular intervals. These emails are sent to pass the latest information about any product, services, or social cause where new attributes are added or keep in touch with the clients and customers. Every marketer tries to build a community around any product and services of a particular brand. Email marketing is one of the best tools to have a dedicated community around the brand.

Not only informing the existing customers, email marketing helps to be in touch with new customers who had informed their emails while making a casual inquiry and get back customers who were once dedicated to your brand but are not showing much interest in recent times.

Today email marketing is not generalized like it was in the past. Email marketing and remarketing through emails are often customized, observing the behavior of the targeted segments and customers. It is more personalized, segmented, and dependent on consent.

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Often, customers show some interest in a brand or product, but they unsubscribe themselves from the email list or ignore the emails after some time. It is, therefore, necessary to go for remarketing addressing their issues and provide them something extra within the ambit of sales promotion drive. Remarketing through email is consequently much more tailor-made than simple email marketing. One has to put some extra effort to win back the customer confidence and increase the client base.

Remarketing through email is consequently much more tailor-made than simple email marketing. Click To Tweet

The types

There are various types of email marketing and remarketing strategies. It can be simple promotional emails or informational emails.

  • Promotional email marketing – It is generally done to promote a brand, offer special discounts to customers, inform about new products and added attributes in existing products, and many more with a “call to action or CTA” with a hyperlink. Promotional emails are sent depending on the current marketing strategies following the rhythm of the business.
  • Emails for information- Newsletters and announcements are also part of email marketing.

 Newsletters are sent to inform customers about the business, the upcoming products, the milestones achieved by the company, or to ask the clients to take part in the customer surveys.

Announcements are typical emails that inform targeted customers about new releases, changes in service policy, and other company announcements in general. It helps to educate the audience on the latest about the business or the brand.

Again, there is also remarketing or retargeting emails. One of the basic marketing strategies is to repeatedly hit the target’s mind to remember the brand and seal the deal. However, the customers often turn their faces away from a particular brand or product without any specific reason. Therefore, Remarketing helps win back the customers with emails containing some special discounts or gifts on purchases.


It is tough to hold on to the existing customers or to win and add new customers. Various marketing tools are used for this purpose, and email marketing is one such tool that cannot be ignored even in 2021. It is one of the effective channels of advertisement and propaganda for crisis communication, particularly during the COVID pandemic. Proper email marketing or remarketing is sure to pay off in the long run.

My email list provider of choice: Mailchimp. Feel free to contact me if you need assistance setting up your email marketing list.