How to Handle Bad Reviews on GMB

How To Handle Bad Reviews On Google My Business

How to Handle Bad Reviews on GMBNegative GMB reviews and angry customers are a part of growing your business. They are a necessary evil that helps organizations improve. However, several business owners in Northern Kentucky don’t know how to deal with negative reviews, causing them to get anxious and defensive whenever an unsatisfied customer shows up. Below are the five crucial steps to help your business make the most out of the negative review.

Assign it to the right person.

The earlier you can examine unfavorable reviews, the better, therefore open a customer support case and assign it to the appropriate individual right away. A problem with your goods is not the same as with the delivery system. Make sure your negative evaluations are swiftly assigned to the appropriate department, so you can get to work on correcting the problem. Do not have a single person deal with all the negative reviews because that will confuse them. If there is no appropriate staff member available at the moment, handle that review yourself.

Is the GMB review real?

Fake Google Reviews are unfortunately frequent, and you should take steps to preserve your review score. If you receive a fraudulent review, you can report it for removal, but you must first distinguish between legitimate and fake reviews. Fake reviews are usually so evident that you can recognize them immediately away, but this isn’t always the case. If you receive a valid customer number, you can be confident that this is the real deal. If you don’t, you’ll have to delve a little more to determine whether or not this review is genuine.

Re-examine their comment, as well as any previous reviews they’ve left. Several accounts submit similar evaluations for many establishments in a short period. If you see that person rampantly leave detailed, negative comments on other business pages, assume they are fake.

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