Samson USB Mic

EP20 – Simple Beginner Podcast Setup – Coffee and Conversation

Here is my podcast setup. It’s pretty minimal. I am using Audacity for recording audio, which will let me add tracks, remove tracks, remove white sound, remove anything I need to such as white noise, and put in my intro and outro.

I’m using a Samson USB Mic for my microphone. I’ll put a link and a picture of it in the description. And for my camera, if I do video, I use an HD camera from E-bay. I’ll put a picture of that. And I also have a Ring Light from Amazon, and I will put a picture of that up as well.

I hope you’re having a great day, and thank you for listening to this podcast and share it with your friends. That would help me out.

If you’d like your podcast featured on here or to be interviewed on this podcast, please let me know. I will put my information in the show notes. Thank you, and have a great day.

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Here are the images of my mic, camera, and light ring and their links.

Samson Mic ~ This mic works great for the price!

USB Light Ring

Light ring desk clamp

My USB camera. Will be replaced soon.