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EP19 – Mat Hargett – Coffee and Conversation Podcast

My guest for this podcast is Mat Hargett. Mat is a mental health advocate.
Having gone through debilitating depression and anxiety, it is personal.
Matt has overcome both.

That means, a mental illness is no different than a physical illness or injury. We can get sick/injured, mentally or physically, and recover.
There should also be no stigma around mental health so that others will not hesitate to seek help, especially men.
Someone helped me. Therefore, I would like to help others.
I support companies wanting to improve their workforce’s overall health and well-being. This benefits both the individual and company.
If you want your employees to feel more peace, hope, and joy in their lives, let’s talk.

A little known fact: Mat played classical piano for 10 years

Matt on LinkedIn.

Podcast Transcript:
Justin Rains: Today, I am with Mat Hargett, a really good guy that I met in a
networking group that he and I belong to. [00:00:15] Tody, I’m going to talk to him
today about what he does, what he wanted to do or thought he wanted to do, and
more. So I’ll start with did [00:00:30] you think you would be here as a kid?

Mat Hargett: No way did I think as a kid that I would be here on this podcast? No,
[00:00:45] when I was a kid, the first thing I thought was, it’s kind of funny, the first
call, job, or position I wanted when I was a kid was a priest. No joke!

Justin Rains: [00:01:01] Wow! Well, that’s it. That’s a good attitude a great place to be.
Did you get into a Seminary School?

Mat Hargett: No, [00:01:16] I did not. I was probably in middle school; I can’t
remember. By the time I got in high school And [ I started] liking girls, sports, and
being good at [00:01:31] baseball. Then I thought I was going to be a baseball player.

Justin Rains: That’s right. You told me you had the batting average, and Two out of
the three [requirements] that you need to go pro.

Mat Hargett: [00:01:46] Yeah. I don’t know what it was. I think I lost interest when I
burned out my arm.

Justin Rains: Yeah. Did you play in college?

Mat Hargett: No, I was originally recruited to play baseball in college [00:02:01]. When
I was a sophomore really early in high school, I started getting people looking at me,
but that’s when I hurt my arm. So I ended up playing basketball at a small Division 3.

Justin Rains: It [00:02:16] was it a small college?

Mat Hargett: Yeah. Ohio Northern University. Northwest Ohio area.

Justin Rains: Yeah, awesome.

Justin Rains: [00:02:31] Wanting to be a priest. It’s sort of obvious, but is that what
brought you to your calling[of] wanting to help people?

Mat Hargett: [00:02:46] I probably always had that in my heart in some way. I went
through something over five years ago, and it absolutely[00:03:01] changed my life. I
woke up one morning, and I couldn’t, and I didn’t, want to get out of bed. It was
depression. I didn’t find out until nine months later [00:03:16] when I finally went and
talked to somebody. I ignored it, I sucked it up and toughed it out, you know typical
male attitude don’t cry! Suck it up! That’s what [00:03:31] I did, and it was horrible
because of that. I ended up ignoring it and not admitting I had a problem. It cost me
everything, lost everything, and ended up getting a divorce [ jobs] it[00:03:46] just
completely upended my life. It upsets me that that I didn’t talk about it. Why is there
a stigma around mental health? Especially for men. So, that’s why I [00:04:01] help
other people, especially men. We should talk about mental health. It’s just part of
who we are, everybody. You know, everybody’s got it. It’s all different kinds of health,
[00:04:16], right?
Justin Rains: Yeah. I saw a book called No One’s Normal. And everybody fights for
that normal. You know, perfect, wife. Perfect house. [00:04:31] Perfect job. Vacations.
But, there’s no perfect normal for anybody.

Mat Hargett: Right. In fact, [00:04:46] what you just explained is basically what I had,
I had a perfect life. I was married with three kids, a big house, a nice area, [good]
school system, you know, and had a great job. [00:05:01] I was a Regional Executive
for Honda, a big company traveling the world.

Justin Rains: I’ve heard of them

Mat Hargett: Yeah, they’re all over the roads.

Justin Rains: They made my van. Did you make it?

Mat Hargett: [00:05:16] Nice. I didn’t. I didn’t work on vans. I actually worked on
Acuras. But yeah, I had it all, and then one day, it just changed. [00:05:31] No one is
normal. Or there is no normal. It’s true.

Justin Rains: Yeah, everyone defines it in their head. What’s normal to them? Normal
for somebody might be[00:05:46] to have a car and a motorcycle and pay $200 bucks
more a month for a garage here. Normal might be me driving an old car that’s paid
off. [00:06:01] There are different versions of normal.

Justin Rains: Do you have any advice for others who want to help man and [00:06:16]
do what you do.

Mat Hargett: That’s a difficult one because this is a new area for me. I’m relatively
new even though I’ve been [00:06:31] in this for about a year now. I left my previous
job about two years ago; I was in Oregon. So I came [00:06:46] back, and I didn’t
come back to a job. I was actually coming back to divorce. I just wanted to be near
my kids again. I didn’t have a plan or a job. I guess my advice [00:07:01] would be
what I learned is to have a little bit better plan before you make the leap to segue
way into something if you’re going to do it on your own. [00:07:18] [Next is]
Networking, just talk to other people. I’m glad I met you through the networking
group. [Just] meet other people, that you could possibly collaborate with [you could
maybe] work together, right? Because you can’t do everything by yourself. [00:07:33]
[Sometimes]. I feel like I have to.

Justin Rains: Same here, Being a sole proprietor, I feel like, How can I trust someone
to code the way I want it done? But then I also [00:07:48] have to do office tasks,[too].

Mat Hargett: Right.

Justin Rains: What surprises people about you when you tell them? [It could be
something from] your past an [event] or something?

Mat Hargett: Um, well, a couple of things. One is probably the most obvious one, is
my name. Mat, it only has one t in it. Every time I go to anywhere [00:08:18] like bank
or checkout counter and they can’t find me, and I’m like that’s because its got, it’s
only got one t, so that’s kind of weird. The other thing I’d have to say is, [00:08:33]. You
would look at me; I’m 6’8 and pretty big, right? So, that’s probably why, obviously,
why I had the advantage to play basketball in college. And then I tell people that I
took ten years of classical piano lessons and that just kind of [00:08:49] seems
strange, right? People can’t really comprehend that I played piano?

Justin Rains: Were you in college?

Mat Hargett: No, I don’t know how old I was exactly [00:09:05] up until I don’t know. I
didn’t play through my senior year in high school. I was very young. But yeah, I was
very, very young and our parents said, hey, in addition to your chores [00:09:20] and
whatever activities and schoolwork you either have to read, I think it was half an hour
somewhere between half an hour to an hour, probably changed depending on how
busy we were. We’d have had a read something for 30 to 60 [00:09:35] Minutes a day
or practice, an instrument, 30 to 60 minutes a day. So I picked piano. I don’t know
why I just liked it. So that’s how I started, and I just kept playing.

Justin Rains: Wow. [00:09:50] That is something different. You don’t expect that a
basketball player is out playing [the piano] at halftime, putting the fans to sleep.
They’d have to make you quit playing because their beer sales are going down when
you play because the fans are sleeping.

Mat Hargett: Hey, I do have a synthesizer. I still have the synthesizer that I got in the
early 80s. [00:10:20] It’s a Yamaha. I played a little bit with a rock band. So you know, I
could not do a piano, do a synthesizer, keep people awake at halftime.

Justin Rains: I had a little; I don’t know what brand [00:10:35] it was. It was probably
15 inches wide, and it had lights on the keys with what to press. That was about as far
as I got.

Mat Hargett: I know what you’re doing. Okay. I know what [00:10:50] that is, like,
Fisher-Price, my first keyboard.

Justin Rains: Yeah, And then in high school, I played the guitar. Middle school and
high [00:11:05] school. I played the guitar until I just sold my stuff because of a wreck
because I was a dumb high school kid. They say it happens within the first six
months, and Bam, it did.

Mat Hargett: That’s yeah. Right [00:11:20] right. That’s cool. What kind of guitar?
Electric or acoustic.

Justin Rains: Electric.
Mat Hargett: What? What model did you have?

Justin Rains: It was a Flying V model, but I don’t know who made it.

Mat Hargett: Okay, okay, yeah, I’m not familiar [00:11:35] with that.

Justin Rains: Yeah, it was fun to play, and I could play songs by ear and read music
too. So yeah, it’s a good hobby to have. I couldn’t play anything. [00:11:50] Now, maybe

Mat Hargett: Same here! We could play chopsticks together and jam out.

Justin Rains: [00:12:05] Do you want to mention any links that you have?

Mat Hargett: Yeah, I’m on LinkedIn. Mat. Of course, with one t, Hargett, if people
want to reach out or [00:12:20], we’re creating a website. ( It may still redirect to our original name, but It’s just the word empowering us dot, [00:12:35] to–, another place

Justin Rains: And do you have any LinkedIn support groups or anything?

Mat Hargett: Oh yeah, I have a Linkedin Men’s Support Group, thanks for being part
of that, Justin. So if you’d like to be a member, just send me a message. I created it
because of one of the things I went through when I came down with depression. I
felt like I didn’t have anyone to talk to. I actually didn’t want to talk to anybody about
it. I didn’t want to seek help because of the stigma, and I felt like there was no one to
talk to. I didn’t want to admit I had a[00:13:20] problem to my wife or my family, so
not wanting to get help. It would have been nice to have someone to talk to about it.
So that’s why I created the group just [00:13:35] to try to lift each other up and
encourage each other. You know, if something’s bugging us just to support each
other. So that’s the reason for the group.

Justin Rains: Okay, I’ll put your links in the show notes. [00:13:50] And people can
connect with you on LinkedIn. They’ll get added to the group if they want.

Mat Hargett: Thanks, Justin.

Justin Rains: Okay, and thanks for taking the time to talk with me today. [00:14:05]
Giving up this nice sunny Friday.

Mat Hargett: Good. It’s my pleasure.

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