Web Application Development

Mobile Web Design & Development

Portal Planet can design and develop your companies online web presence. Portal Planet can create custom shopping carts, create a mobile ready web site, integrate google maps, and more.

Portal Planet can also design your website to be responsive (mobile ready). That means your site will automatically re-arrange itself based on the device accessing your site. More and more people are using tablets or smart phones to browse the Internet. Responsive design ensues a rich experience while those potential customers browse your site. To see an example of mobile design to go portalplanet.net on your smart phone or tablet.

Mobile Design Fact:

This report shows that in 2014 mobile browsing passed up fixed Internet browsing. Your website has to be mobile ready or your customers will move on.

E-mail list management

Portal Planet can also help your company setup 3rd party service such as FeedBlitz (newsletter), Facebook, and also twitter. All of these will help you grow your business and reach more people. If you need to show analytics such as hits to your site, page views, custom reports, and more Google Analytics (or even better Google Tag Manager) can be installed.

Feel free to give a shout and see how Portal Planet can help your business prosper online.